House On The Borderland is an online fanzine publishing news and reviews of literary fantasy and speculative fiction. We are based in England on the border of the ‘Black Country’, the region which inspired J.R.R. Tolkien’s dark land of Mordor, hence ‘House On The Borderland’.  

The name comes, of course, from the well-known classic book ‘The House on the Borderland’ (1908) by William Hope Hodgson, which is itself, like this site, a crossroads of science fiction, fantasy and weird fiction.

The site is presently undergoing a reboot after hiatus,  and will be built up over the next few months and hopefully years.


Our primary aim is to spread information on the written word rather than cover TV and film, unless there is some crossover, though we will venture into audiobooks, and a future possibility is interactive fiction (adventure games).

We also aim to offer news and coverage of relevant events where possible. If you would like to invite us to your event, we will see what we can do but please remember this is a very small operation at the moment.

Its early days yet and it will take time to build up a body of work on the site – so anything you’d like to send in will be very welcome!

Books for review

Please note YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MAJOR PUBLISHER to submit news and published work! Small/Indie press are just as welcome and self-published books will also be considered if you feel you have met a professional standard.

Hard copy books and other publications are preferred for review if possible but we may be willing to look at epublished work as well, time permitting.

Please see our Submissions page.

We hope you will enjoy following House On The Borderland over time.


A. Stuart Williams

Editor & Publisher

House On The Borderland