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Writing for House On The Borderland

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While writer, author and journalist A. Stuart Williams is the editor, publisher and main staff writer for this fanzine, we are already building up a staff of keen volunteer freelance writers who contribute to the content of this site.

The first two we would like to introduce are first of all James Bojaciuk, who is a writer, author, reviewer, blogger and also joint C.E.O. and co-owner of US publishers 18thWall Productions.

In addition, our latest addition to the team is writer, copywriter and blogger Shellie Horst, who will be contributing author interviews, and is even now in the field tracking down fresh victims interviewees!

Everyone who writes for HOTB gets a byline, so if you’re keen to view all the work in these pages by a particular contributor, you can click on their name in the Categories in the first column of the site and view all their posts at once.

You’ll be hearing a lot more from James and Shellie real soon – in the meantime, if you’re interested in volunteering as a contributor to the fanzine, please do get in touch via our Contact page!