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The Asylum Steampunk Festival 2015

From our Trans-Temporal Correspondent Shellie Horst
Somewhere in the witching hours of Thursday evening, 27th August 2015, Lincoln’s Cathedral Quarter was caught in the temporal disturbances of a local time machine. By the time the sun glittered in the leaded windows of Bailgate, you could be forgiven for thinking you were exploring a Jules Verne novel or trapped in the latest curious events surrounding Mr Holmes.  Reality was suspended for the Seventh Asylum Steampunk Festival.

It’s not the first time the residents of Lincoln have woken, bemused, to see gentlemen escorting ladies in their finery through the streets, or attempting to launch their jetpacks from the castle grounds, nor will it be the last. The city lends itself well to the imaginations and creativity of the Steampunk mind; alleyways and under-crofts merely add to the potential number of scheming inventors, cunning street urchins and bawdy traders hawking their wares.

Lord and Lady Crumpet (picture courtesy Gary Jeavons Photography)
Lord and Lady Crumpet (picture courtesy Gary Jeavons Photography)

Just like the genre, the event has grown from the sepia stereotype of Victorian England, shades of browns and blacks compete with glint of polished copper and brass. The taffeta teals and blaze of peacock feathers offer an eye-catching alternative to the impressive gatherings of lace and bustle in the Castle Market. The Asylum is a perfect representation of what Steampunk is: Splendid. It is something different to everyone.

It’s easy to assume that Steampunk as a genre is one focused upon one empirical perspective of history, excluding gender or life choices. Yet it was an inclusive event, offering full engagement to those in wheel chairs or mobility scooters, and the youngsters as much as the wiser generations. No one, nowhere, and nothing was spared from adaptation, and the words “Well, sir, that just isn’t steampunk…” were not uttered.

Steampunk Superheroes (picture courtesy  Gary Jeavons Photography)
Steampunk Superheroes (picture courtesy Gary Jeavons Photography)

Lincoln become an alternate world of superheroes, Daleks, inventors, self-winding automatons, captains, pilots, wings, fae, dangerously potent potions, complex contraptions and of course …goggles. Even Loki and Cthulhu (both of the knitted and the walking variety) graced the event. Continue reading The Asylum Steampunk Festival 2015