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We’re reaching escape velocity!

Lunar Holidays (picture by Mike McCain)
Lunar Holidays (picture by Mike McCain)

Well, we’ve had more than 800 new visitors over the past three days, so we must be doing something right!  Welcome to all our new readers.

Yes, it’s early days for House On The Borderland, but that just means our readers have got all the more to look forward to!

More news, events info, event reviews, book reviews and even short fiction are already lining up, some of which should appear over the next few days, so we hope you’ll keep on coming back!

And if you’re an author or publisher of science fiction (including steampunk), fantasy or weird pulp fiction, including factual books about these topics, please do consider sending us a copy of your work for review. Check out our Submissions page via the menu above.

Thanks for your interest, everyone!

A. Stuart Williams

Editor & Publisher

House On The Borderland launches today!

The Sci-Fi, Steampunk & Fantasy Writers Gathering at Southcart Books, Saturday 27 September 2014
The Sci-Fi, Steampunk & Fantasy Writers Gathering at Southcart Books, Saturday 27 September 2014

It’s early days yet, and there’s a huge amount of work ahead, but the fledgeling ‘House On The Borderland’ online fanzine is all set to ‘soft-launch’ later today – and most important of all, there will be cake!

The launch will be officially announced at the latest of the writers’ gatherings at the hosts, independent bookstore Southcart Books in Walsall, England – the latest event being dubbed, appropriately, ‘Southcart Sci-Fi Summer’.

So expect to see a short report on that event being published tomorrow, and a few photos tweeted by ‘House On The Borderland’ today!

Editor and publisher of ‘House On The Borderland’, author A. Stuart Williams, will be making the formal announcement at 1.10pm.

The programme for the day, which this time around is mc’d by Fringeworks publisher Adrian Middleton, is as follows:

10.00am  Southcart Books Opens

11.00am  WELCOME by Scott & Amy

11.05am  INTRO by MC Adrian Middleton

11.10am  A. Stuart Williams

11.35am  Theresa Derwin

12.00pm  Neil Sehmbhy

12.25pm-1.10pm Lunch Break for Mingling and Browsing

1.10pm-1.25pm  A. Stuart Williams. Launch announcement of

House On The Borderland, a new online fanzine. With cake!

1.25pm-1.50pm  Adrian Middleton

1.50pm-2.15pm  Sean P Chatterton

2.15pm-2.40pm  Steve Jones

2.40pm-3.00pm  Mid-Afternoon Break

3.00pm-3.25p Alex Davis

3.25pm-3.50pm  Colum Paget

3.50pm-4.15pm  available slot

4.15pm  Thanks & goodbyes by Scott, Amy and Adrian

Shop Closes 4.45pm

Hello Universe!


House On The Borderland is a new online fanzine for news and reviews of literary science fiction, fantasy and weird pulp.  It is edited and published by author and journalist A. Stuart Williams.

Our website is under construction so there won’t be a mass of information here for a while – please bear with us as we build things up, and keep coming back to see what’s new!

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